Seven Ways to Be A Good GUEST

The holiday seasons are quickly approaching and parties, dinners and get-togethers will soon fill our calendars for the next several weeks. Whether  you have a standing invitation, or get a formal invite, good guests really make or break a party, here’s six ways to make sure you’re a welcome addition: (more…)

5 Signs That Your Running on AUTO-PILOT

As of today, it’s a little over a week until Thanksgiving and  5 1/2 weeks until Christmas. Stop and let that sink in for a minute…….

For so many of us, myself included, that means that our schedules are only going to become more hectic. We have all of the normal things that we do every day, which may include any combination of house, kids, work, family, dinner etc etc… But with the holiday seasons coming on, we will be adding on parties, family get-togethers, holiday shopping, crowds, over-eating, and even financial stress. (more…)

Setting Impossible Expectations Only Leads to Failure

Iv’e been thinking a lot about the idea of setting impossible expectations today and how so often we set ourselves up for such failure. I am a huge fan of “to-do” lists. I make list after list after list of things that need to get done. My mind is so over-crowded with everything that I need to remember, that things just get squeezed out if I don’t write them down. So nearly every day, I sit down and make a list. It could be a grocery list, a list of projects I need to get done, a list of things that need cleaned up, a list of dinners I want to make, a list of items that needed to be listed on Ebay, a list of emails and phone calls that need to be made, and they all fall under the ever towering category of “TO DO”. But what so often happens is that my list starts off with a few reasonable things, and then grows into this monstrosity of things that I could not possible get done even if I had no other responsibilities in my life. (more…)

SIMPLICITY, how to make your home a place of comforting rest

Nothing is more stressful to me then a messy home. I find that I can almost roll with the punches on everything else that happens in my day, but if I wake up to a messy kitchen, or come home after a long day to piles of mess and clutter, I find myself becoming increasingly agitated. And I’ve even written before about why clutter makes us so angry. It’s so easy to place the blame and not take responsibility for the way it is, and how it got that way. We blame the kids, work, busy school schedules, husband/wife, family, or need for more free time in general. (more…)

52 Tips to Keep Your Home SECURE in every Season

Over 2 million burglaries are reported in the US every year. That is a staggering one every 15 seconds according to the FBI, which proves just how easy it is to gain entry into our homes. We spend a lot of time and money building our dream homes. And even with the best systems in place, they’re still vulnerable to burglaries and intrusions.  But burglaries don’t have to happen. There are a lot of things you can do to boost home security and make your house burglary-resistant. A few simple, low or no cost measures will significantly deter a would be thief from targeting your home. Here are 52 tips you can use to help you keep your family safe and your home and its contents intact. (more…)

Why CLUTTER makes you angry, and what to do about it.

Earlier in the week, I wrote about the heaviness I was feeling from all the clutter in our house, and making room for less. It’s so easy to feel like all you do is work to buy things for the house, and things you think everyone might need.  Only to turn around and realize that you can’t even keep up with what you have because, even though your home isn’t messy, it feels cluttered, like you have ‘too much stuff’. (more…)

Are you Unconsciously Incompetent?

The four stages of learning is a theory made known by Abraham Maslow, a psychologist from the 1940’s era. I recently was introduced to the Learning Block in a recent sales training, and thought it was an amazing way to think about so many things in life, not just sales. The four stages of learning are an explanation of how people bring about change to their current situation. The stages look like this… (more…)

Weekend Decorating Idea: Making Room For Less

Please excuse my lack of blogging over the summer months. We have had a lot going on with our family, and I have allowed myself to become so busy with all of the projects that are going on, that I seem to be losing focus on everything else that is important in my life. I’m really trying to look at the silver lining though and regain my focus and direction. I saw an amazing quote this week: (more…)

How To Make Any Bathroom Feel More Luxurious

After a long busy work week, or even a stressful day, there is nothing more luxurious for mind and body than a trip to the spa. But going to the spa is considered a treat because we can’t always afford to spend the money on pricey spa packages the way we would like to. So why not turn your bathroom into an at-home spa by engaging in all of your senses. Your bathroom already has the most important elements in relaxation therapy. It offers a private space where you can take a warm bath or relaxing shower to de-stress and relax. All it takes is a few more elements to give you that spa-like atmosphere. (more…)