5 Signs That Your Running on AUTO-PILOT

As of today, it’s a little over a week until Thanksgiving and  5 1/2 weeks until Christmas. Stop and let that sink in for a minute…….

For so many of us, myself included, that means that our schedules are only going to become more hectic. We have all of the normal things that we do every day, which may include any combination of house, kids, work, family, dinner etc etc… But with the holiday seasons coming on, we will be adding on parties, family get-togethers, holiday shopping, crowds, over-eating, and even financial stress. (more…)

SIMPLICITY, how to make your home a place of comforting rest

Nothing is more stressful to me then a messy home. I find that I can almost roll with the punches on everything else that happens in my day, but if I wake up to a messy kitchen, or come home after a long day to piles of mess and clutter, I find myself becoming increasingly agitated. And I’ve even written before about why clutter makes us so angry. It’s so easy to place the blame and not take responsibility for the way it is, and how it got that way. We blame the kids, work, busy school schedules, husband/wife, family, or need for more free time in general. (more…)

Why CLUTTER makes you angry, and what to do about it.

Earlier in the week, I wrote about the heaviness I was feeling from all the clutter in our house, and making room for less. It’s so easy to feel like all you do is work to buy things for the house, and things you think everyone might need.  Only to turn around and realize that you can’t even keep up with what you have because, even though your home isn’t messy, it feels cluttered, like you have ‘too much stuff’. (more…)

Weekend Decorating Idea: Making Room For Less

Please excuse my lack of blogging over the summer months. We have had a lot going on with our family, and I have allowed myself to become so busy with all of the projects that are going on, that I seem to be losing focus on everything else that is important in my life. I’m really trying to look at the silver lining though and regain my focus and direction. I saw an amazing quote this week: (more…)

10 Things you can EASILY get rid of today!

Minimalism has become all the rage lately. Especially with Marie Kondo’s book The Life-Changing Magic of tidying up hitting the shelves.  If you haven’t had a chance to read it, it basically talks about how we are drowning in stuff. And stuff, does not bring us joy. If something is no longer “serving” you or your family or your household, you should just get rid of it.

I have been doing a lot of that lately. We live in an old house that has many small rooms, and the rooms can really only hold so much stuff. Why do we hold on to so many things? As our lives change and events happen we just continue to accumulate, but we seem to have a hard time letting go. It might