Making a COLLECTION in Ebay

Have you made a collection on Ebay yet? It’s kind of like Pinterest for Ebay, but the collections are made up of things you can immediately click on to buy from the Ebay website.
Collections are a way to gather and share things on eBay you like, want, or recommend. You can start a Collection to show buyers what you have for sale, or share and organize your favorite eBay finds. So you know how you have all those amazing things in your store, that you wish your buyer would see on their own, but maybe they need a little help pulling it all together. Enter Ebay Collections! For example,

This is a grouping of items from my Ebay store that I have compiled that go well together. Once you create your collection, you can share on all of your social media pages such as facebook, pinterest, twitter, tumblr and google plus. It’s just another great way to get your items in front of people and draw potential buyers into your store.

To create a collection, or add an item to one of your existing collections:

  1. Find an item that interests you.

  2. In the listing page, click Add to collection.

  3. If you don’t already have a collection started, Ebay will help you create a new collection.

  4. Add a description of the item, or mention what you like about it.

  5. Click Add to collection when you’re done.

    Make sure your description is short but descriptive to explain what’s in the collection, with high-quality photographs. This will make your collection more eye-catching and members are more likely to follow and share them.

    Be sure to use this great tool provided by Ebay to get your items out there to potential buyers.
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