The Ultimate List of Ebay Selling Tools

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If you have spent any time selling on Ebay, you know how important it is to have adequate items to make the process smooth for you and your buyer. I have compiled a list of tools that I use that I will share with you to hopefully give you some ideas and inspiration to make this a fun and smooth transition as you go through the Ebay selling process.

Scales and scanners:

It’s important to have a good scale that will weigh at least 50 pounds, and a barcode scanner if you are scanning a lot of books and new merchandise.

Measuring Tapes:

Measuring tapes are a must for getting dimensions of your items. Dress maker tapes are good for clothes and a standard tape measure is good for larger items.

Adhesive Removers:

This is not a necessity, but let me tell you friend it will sure make your life a lot easier!

Poly Bags:

Although you can get a lot of free priority mail shipping supplies, you will still need to get some poly bags if you are selling clothes. This will save you money on shipping because it can go first class. I use mostly 10×13, but there is a variety of sizes to choose from.  I also use clear plastic poly bags for storing my clothing items that I will cover in another post.

Additional Packaging:

I love to wrap my packages in a pretty piece of tissue and a ribbon. It really helps you to stand out, and gives the buyer a pleasant experience. Who doesn’t like to open presents? Give your buyer a fun and enjoyable experience, and they will come back to you every time. And don’t forget the Thank You card! Again, none of this is required, but remember that you are competing with millions of other sellers and retailers. Make them remember your store.

Here’s a look at a package I sent out recently before it gets slipped into the poly bag and then after:


Some stickers will be helpful, such as “Thank You” stickers on the outside of your package. Or “Be careful of Glass” stickers. I use both, and they just give your packages a sense of professionalism.

Mannequins and props:

I started selling on Ebay by just placing clothing items on hangers. I eventually graduated to hollow back half mannequins, and then finally to a full size mannequin. The difference has really been astounding in the way my pictures look. I will cover this in another post, but think about how your pictures will look if you are selling clothing. Your pictures are the first thing the buyer sees, so make sure they look good. A dress form, also works great if you don’t want to spend the money on a mannequin. A couple other things that make things convenient are shoe forms, and shirt folders.

Lighting and Backdrop:

This is another purchase for the advanced seller, or full time Ebay store. Lighting is a key element to making your pictures look good. Dark, cloudy and blurry pictures are just not appealing. I have tried everything for backdrop and lighting as I have sold on Ebay, and it seems like everything I did cast horrible shadows, and the lighting was just off. So I decided to finally get a light kit and backdrop. Again, there is just no comparison to how my pictures look now. I also use a light box for smaller items. Here’s the ones I use:


I have a couple cameras that I use to take my  pictures on Ebay. One is a point and shoot, and the second is a DSLR. Many people also use their iPhone and upload pictures right through the Ebay app. You don’t have to have the best quality camera to take decent pictures. Its all in how you light and style the pictures to begin with. Don’t get me wrong, a great camera helps, but an adequate camera is good too. Here’s what I’m using:

Shelving and storage:

You need to have a designated place to store your Ebay items. Preferably, an area for items waiting to be photographed and listed, and a separate area for items waiting to be shipped out. Vertical storage with totes are the best way to achieve this level of organization. Make sure you get something heavy duty to hold lots of weight and bulk. Here is what I use:

What’s on my wishlist:

One thing that I am still thinking about getting to make things a little bit more convenient is a label printer specifically designed to print Ebay and Paypal labels. It’s a little pricey, so for now it’s on my wishlist. I am perfectly content with printing labels on my home printer, and then taping them onto my packages. The label printer will just give my packages a little bit more of a professional look. This is the one I am considering:

It seems like you would need to purchase a lot for your Ebay business before you can even start making money. But that is not the case, most of these items can be purchased later, after you have been selling for awhile, and decide to put money back into your business. I have been selling on Ebay for 14 years, so I have had lots of time to perfect my systems and try out new things.  The only items you really need to get started are a scale and a tape measure, the rest you can determine if you need as time goes on.

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